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Camping TIPS

Complete Camping Check List

Camping & Backpacking Gear

Backpacking Gear Essentials
1. Load up your Backpack
2. Try not to over pack
3. Some type of water system
4. Lightweight tent to carry
5. Prepare for weight and space
6. Compact Sleeping Bag
7. Inflatable Pillow
8. Inflatable air mattress
9. Clothing warm, light & layered
10. Natural Soaps & Cleaners
11. Head Lights
12. Cooking system & Packaged Meals
13. Bear Canisters for food
14. Water Filter
15. Rain Coat
17. Strong comfortable walking boots & wool socks
18. Knife, & Lighter system
19. Trowel or small shovel


Camping Essentials Checklist

Top 10 Camping Essentials to remember
1. Tent Shelter
2. Additional Shelter like Kitchen Tent 
3. Tarps to Keep things dry
4. Foldable Camping Chairs
5. Tools like hammer/mallet/hatchet
6. Coolers with Food & prep ahead
7. Kitchen Utensils to Cook with
8. Entertainment fun stuff
9. Battery Pack & Flashlights
10. Misc. items such as Bedding, sunscreen, thermos & bug spray

Camping For Beginners

Camping 101 for Beginners & Tips for Old Timers

1. Shelter

2. Level Tent Sites

3. Practice setting up your tent at home

4. Tarp / Bedding / Blowup Mattress

5. Fire Ring/grill6. Dinner / Breakfast

6. Bathhouse

7. Warm Clothing, Hat & Socks

8. Instant Light Charcoal

9. Shovel / Leather Gloves

10. Easy Cooking Food & Cooking Utensils & Pots

Glamping in Style

If you were  not part of the "roughing it" type then don't be ashamed to be a part of the "glampers." For those of you who don't know, where the word "glamper" comes from "glamorous - camper," that is someone who likes to explore the beauty of the outdoors, but with all the comforts of home.

Now lets go Glamping at the Backwoods Adventures

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