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Lets go Fishing

There is no time like now to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get back to the basics and catch your own food.  Try it, it is really fun to catch something.

Lets Get Cooking  umm... umm... Good!


Lets go Camping or Glamping

You can go glamping if you are not ready for all this wilderness or you can rough it and experience the tent life.

I want to go Glamping.  No... I want to go camping!

Canoeing is fun

Canoeing can really be allot of fun and you can get some exercise.  Who would of thought exercise was fun.  Maybe you will find where the main fishing hole is. 

I want to go canoeing.  No... I want to go fishing!

Try Kayaking

Kayaking can hold all your basic camping equipment or your children.  It is a great hobby as well as a competitive sport to try out.  Your family will experience nature at its best.

What is the difference between Kayaking and Canoeing?

Hiking is good for you

Get your exercise in while enjoying the scenery.  It is a wonderful and relaxing experience that will clear your busy schedule out of your mind.

I like to go hiking because I really enjoy my family being together.

Jet-skiing & Boating

Relax and do a little boating or enjoy some exhilarating jet-skiing.

I want to go boating.  No... I want to see the jet-skier.

Scallop Season

Have you ever tried fresh Scallops?  Go on a field trip to our private location and enjoy scallop season.

I want to try something new.  I am brave and I know I can do it.

Fiddler Crab Festivals

Have you ever fought with a fiddler crab.  Guess who will win?

I want to try and catch a fiddler crab.  Put em upppp..! Put em uppp..!

Swimming in the River

There is nothing like swimming or crossing the riverside.  Go ahead and try something new and invigorating.  This will get your heart rate up.

Just sit and enjoy your river, swim or take a hike through it. 

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