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Lets Go Back

To Nature



If you want an escape from the noise, traffic and flashing lights of the city - Imagine a place in Florida less than 3 hours away from Tampa Bay where the fire flies are the only flashing lights, and the loudest noises you will hear are the owls and crickets.

Enjoy the moment unconnected to technology and share face to face the great outdoors with your family.  Well make your dreams come true and book your vacation now.  You found the right private wilderness camping sites that are off the beaten path but not far way from your city life. 


Our privately independently owned properties are an alternative to state park camping.  Our properties are located in beautiful North West Florida in between the Steinhatchee & Suwannee Rivers.  We are where you can hear the beautiful Barred Owl sing.


Explore our Properties & Enjoy the Wilderness off the Beaten Path

Listen to the Barred Owl Sing

Backwoods Adventures

Enjoy Nature's






Boat & Kayak Rentals 




Special Season Activities:


Boat Racing on the River

Scalloping Season

February Steinhatchee Fiddler Crab Festivals

Air Show Cross City

Lets Go on a Real Adventure and Enjoy the Relaxing Atmosphere

Take your loved ones to enjoy the nature and wilderness on your next vacation.  We are only a few miles from the city life and you would never know. 


We are between and around the Suwannee River and SteinHatchee River in beautiful sunny Northwest Florida.

Wilderness and Private Camp sites are our specialty. 

Lets eat and enjoy the catch

Picnic tables and fire pits are provided at each location.  We also have firewood available for purchase.  Full 30 amp camper hook ups available or the Suwanne River & Primitive camping with access to hot showers in and near the Steinhatchee River.

While most campsites are primitive, there are a few with full 30 amp camper hookups.

If this is what you are looking for, some Backwoods Adventures we look forward to sharing our private wilderness off the beaten path sites with you.

See the latest live videos and more.  We share our experience to let the world know.



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Explore Our Properties &

Enjoy the Wilderness Camping off the Beaten Path.

Our properties are in 2 main locations: The West side of Dixie County along the Steinhatchee River and the East side of Dixie County along the Suwannee River. 

These properties are very private and secluded.  Surrounded by 21,000 acre state owned wildlife preserves to be used for recreation.  Spring or river access is available to all sites.  Whether you are going glamping or roughing it, this is the place to be.  We are near the Woods, Rivers, Springs, Hunting, Fishing, Swimming and Reserves off the Beaten Path.

The Suwannee River Springs makes it worth wild to visit, relax and enjoy your surroundings

What a wonderful place to be on earth the Steinhatchee River in the Sunshine State of Florida

The Suwannee River will give you a chance to catch your breath again

Enjoy the summer season in Florida all year round on the Suwannee River

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